Spiral Coil Binding

Spiral coil binding is a great option for individuals searching for a different look for their presentations and proposals. Spiral coil binding involves winding a single piece of pre-coiled plastic binding onto the edge of your book. Spiral coil binding is available in more than 60 different colors making it ideal for marketing firms and designers that are looking to match unique colors with company logos or report covers. Coil bound documents can open flat and can also wrap around for easy copying and reading. Documents bound with coil binding are ideal for documents that need to be mailed since the spines are flexible and retain their shape exceptionally well. Although spiral coil binding is available in sizes up to 2”, coil binding documents that are larger than 1” can be very difficult. Binding supplies for coil binding are more expensive than plastic comb bindings but are still reasonably priced and readily available. Pros: Angie’s favorite! These are usually the most economical and sturdy for documents that you need to last. Cons: cost a little more than plastic combs.

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